Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Dreamer: Well Armed

Guest dreamer Openfoot has contributed today's dream. You can read more of his dreams and see how he illustrates them by going to his interesting website here.
The Dream: I'm working in a trench. I've clearly been engaged on a plumbing job. I've also put in some electrical cabling and perhaps some fibre-optics too. It's all infrastructure work. I look up to see a group of friends arriving. They look surprised and I immediately know, without previously having been aware of the relevant facts, what they are surprised about. As if in answer to their questioning looks I shout out "Yes! My arms are fine! Look they work well! Just see all this work I've been doing! And look at the scars! They are well healed and translucent!" I show my friends my forearms. Just below each elbow a clean scar about 0.5 mm wide and slightly raised can clearly be seen. Each scar completely circles its respective forearm. Its obvious, I've had a forearm transplant on both my arms and things have worked out well.

Carla's thoughts: If this were my dream I'd think that something in the preceding couple of days has triggered my defenses. By paying attention to my dreams and feelings I've been plumbing my own depths, and my unconscious has brought my adaptations to the fore. My new awareness is around something I've been reluctant to change: I've dug in; I'm entrenched in my position. I've defended my vulnerabilities by building up my infrastructure with cabling and fibre-optics: this hints that I've been remote (both communicate over a distance) and protective (both, especially fibre optics, are encased).

My friends (other parts of my psyche) are surprised over my re-arming, but I explain that the work I've been doing has healed old wounds. The scars are there—but I've been healed and I am beginning to have some clarity (the wound is translucent) about a past difficulty. My dream forewarns me about my forearming and tells me that I am now sufficiently strong. All is well; I am now safe to back off from my entrenched position.


Openfoot said...

Hello Carla. Many thanks for your comments on my dream and for providing the link to my Openfoot web site. Both are much appreciated.

In broad terms I don't think I take issue with the your perspective on the dream. However, I don't see the dream relating to events in the days immediately prior to it. Perhaps some wider context may help to clarify things. I very much see myself as being in a period of transition, which commenced about eighteen months ago when I decided to begin winding down my working life and started to look at ways of entering a "creative retirement". So in that sense I see the work in the trench as my working life of the last few decades, rewarding but in some senses restrictive; as well as it being a digging down into my inner world to reconfigure things for the coming phase. This has all coincided with me being more open and public about my dream life and world view. Amongst other things this is reflected in the creation of my Openfoot web site. The changes that all this has brought about in how I engage with the world (with my arms) and others has surprised me in more ways than one and not only other elements of my psyche, as you suggest but, I suspect, those who have known me for many years. To me this specific dream seems to reflect the very real changes taking place in my life. Other dreams during this period have been much longer and panoramic in their scope and have seemed to me to review the whole of my dream progress over the decades and to contextualise the recent changes within this. This dream seems to me have a more specific focus and heralds new ways of engaging with world as I enter this new phase of life. Interesting times indeed; and yes I've derived a good deal of satisfaction and pleasure from the whole process.
With thanks.

Carla Young said...

Thanks for your feedback, Openfoot. This provides a good opportunity for me to point out to readers that only the dreamer knows what his dream means. My comments are only a projection: true for me, but not necessarily true or relevant to the dreamer. Thanks for allowing me to project upon this very interesting dream!

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