Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Dreamer: An Issue is Aired

This dreamer has been attempting to write about a painful event. She breaks through her writer's block in this dream.
The Dream: I'm naked and about to put my clothes on. My breasts feel strange. I look down at them. I think air is coming out of my nipples. It's hard for me to believe, so I put the palms of my hands about 4 inches away from my breasts and, sure enough, there are puffs of air coming out. Then I actually see the puffs. You know, like those typical drawings of the wind blowing.

Carla's thoughts:
If this were my dream, my nakedness represents exposure, the naked truth. I am about to retreat from it (put on my clothes) but there's something inside me that won't be stifled: it insists on being aired, issuing forth in puffs from my breasts. I'm getting something off my chest! I hadn't thought this was possible, so I test it out with my other senses. When I put my hands near my breasts I soon learn that I can feel the process happening, and then I am able to see it. My previously blocked attempt to release so much pain has found its vent.


Anonymous said...

Your drawing is wonderful, Carla, and your interpretation is right on.
I am writing my memoir. Without the interpretation of the dream, I think I would have continued to think I couldn't write about a difficult experience in my life. Dreams tell the truth of what I cannot always recognize in my waking life.

Carla Young said...

Thank you for sending me this dream. I think writer's block is something that many struggle with, and perhaps the post will encourage others to look to their dreams for guidance.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing and healing.

thedreamingwell said...

I am enjoying this dream & the connected image very much; I recently received a book from a Dream-Friend which is all about vulnerability and is called "Risking Greatly"... which connects with my imagined experience of this dream. In being naked - exposed, vulnerable - I can touch and feel my spirit and its uniqueness, as well as the power of my Feminity (if I can imagine being a woman having this dream)in its 'invisible' but felt impact as it's released. This energy is also nourishing, because it comes from my breasts and it has subtle yet powerful gifts to offer the world as I meet it. My vulnerability in this sense is the key to my creativity, as well as an experience of life that allows me to release my unique gifts and spiritual insights and it flows from the place in my body near my heart - the source of courage in the midst of vulnerability - my nakedness. Many Thanks for another great dream and imagery to inspire my own 'exposure'! TW

Carla Young said...

Thank you, TW, for this beautiful interpretation. I especially like your insight about the connection between vulnerability and creativity--as in so many areas of life, our strengths are intimately connected to our weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

TW: I also thank you for your beautiful interpretation of my dream. With the help of dreams, I am learning to embrace my weaknesses and find courage I didn't know I had.

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