Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting to the Root of Things

The Dream: I look in the mirror and see that my hair is growing in very dark brown. About two-thirds is its current color, a sun-streaked dark blonde, and the third near the roots is a rich and shiny dark brown. I am surprised it isn't gray, although I do notice a few gray hairs—silver and shiny—mixed in. I try to decide if I should color it my customary blonde or let it grow in brown. I like it, but I wonder if a rich brown color will look phony on someone my age. I show it to the rest of the family to get their reaction.

Interpretation: I look at myself and see that something new and rich is pushing out of my head: I have a new way of thinking. It is flecked with experience (gray), but even this is shiny and exciting (silver). It will take a while for this transformation to take place: it's only one-third complete. Should I go forward? Or am I past it (too old for this)? What will my family think?

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Emily said...

I also could be changing my persona. As my inner self changes, I am changing my outer personality as well. I am amazed how often we change our personas as we get into different situations. Perhaps I am yet in another new and exciting situation, and with those gray hairs, have a bit of wisdom to share, or wisdom that others now listen to! Merry Christmas! Emily

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