Sunday, February 17, 2013

She's Blossoming

Today's guest dream comes from Nasrin Beyraghdar who created the lovely artwork that illustrates her dream.

The Dream: I was talking with some of my cohorts, and then I noticed that something that looked like green thorns were coming out of my index finger. I showed it to someone (I cannot remember who), and asked that person to see what it was. She said, “Go to dissertation teacher, she knows how to take it out.” Then suddenly many flowers began to sprout on the back of my hand, all were spontaneously bursting into bloom. The flowers were violets, they had a light and darker violet shade of color and there were clusters of them all over my hands and arms. Then I woke up.

Carla's thoughts: If this were my dream, I would feel that it had been triggered by something work-related. (I'm with my cohorts.) I'm uncomfortable; it's a prickly situation, perhaps caused by my inexperience (the green thorns). I ask for help and am sent to the person who directs dissertations. Since a dissertation is a document in which I put forth my original ideas and place them before others who will judge them, my discomfort might be caused by my concern that my true thoughts and beliefs will not be accepted. Once my dream puts its finger on what's bothering me and I go to the proper guide (my inner dissertation teacher, who can speak out with authority), my true self bursts into bloom. The flowers sprout from my hand, the part of my body that touches the world and represents my “feelings.” I am blossoming. The violet color suggests I've arrived at a new spiritual understanding, perhaps one that I can hand over to others.


Emily said...

What a beautiful dream and illustration! I immediately read what I quickly could about the index finger, and rather than summarize, I want to quote from Dharma Singh Khalsa & Cameron Stauth's book "Meditation as Medicine:"Gyan Mudra: The tip of the index finger touches the thumb. This is the mudra of wisdom, because it joins the divine finger with the finger of self. This signifies an awareness of the illusion of the ego, without an abandonment of self." Violet is the color of the third chakra, and considered a "spiritual" color. And green is the new growth, the new thorns which transform into these beautiful violets (double entendre on "violet", thus the importance of this color in the dream). The dissertation teacher puzzles me, except ultimately she is not needed, for before any discussion can take place, the transformation is complete. Thank you for sharing this dream!

Nassrin Bey said...

Carla, Thank you so much for analyzing my dream. I am honored! You did a wonderful job! Thank you:-) And Emily thank you for your great insight! Most fascinating...I think you are right. the stuff coming out of my index finger was either thorns or seedlings of the flowers.

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