Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Embrace

The Dream:
A couple embrace, standing in a circular pool of water. They are dressed in ancient garb, like Roman togas. After a while I notice that a long tube is emerging from the man's garment. It blends so well with his toga that it's not very noticeable. He is peeing into this tube, and the pee is going into the pool as the two embrace.

Once they've separated their entwined bodies, the woman wants a drink. She picks up a shell and bends to get some water from the pool. The man watches, aghast, but says nothing.

Pools are reflective; the one in this dream invites me to self-reflection. If I look at the characters in this dream as aspects of myself that I've not recognized, I see the man as representing one of my transgressions that has not been confessed: he sees something that isn't right, but doesn't speak out. He pollutes a perfection (the circular pool) and in doing so represents the damage (shelling) of my self-image. Because of this misdeed I am contaminated: but perhaps I need to drink this in before I can make things right.


Emily said...

I am of the mind that dream ego doesn't always get the dream, which is why we have dreams such as these. The first question that comes to mind is why are there not breaths of kisses instead of the "urine" about to connect this male & female? This brought me to Wiki, which I learned that the ancient Romans used urine to get the grease out of their clothes. And, Nero and Vespasian taxed urine (don't ask!). Urine also excretes large amounts of nitrogen, and in some parts of the world today, nitrogen is used for fertilization of crops. So, dream ego is thinking the waters are being poisoned instead of being pollinated! For in my dream, the waters are being treated with essential nutrients of body and soul. After all, am I really sure it's urine that is going into the pool and not semen? I am reminded of Venus de Milo with the use of the shell to drink the waters, instead of the use of a cup. Thus, for me, this dream is elevated to a mythic level. One that tells me to claim my gifts, to let others receive the benefits of the total me, body and soul. My dream ego may be repugnant at this idea, but it's our waking ego who can see the dream in a new perspective.

RdeC said...

I remember hearing Jeremy Taylor saying many times he felt peeing
in dreams referred to self expression. I also recalled hearing about that
practice (still wrangled over on certain talk shows) about the medical
benefits of the ancient Indian practice of drinking one's own urine
each morning. They say it has a balancing effect akin to homeopathy.
Anyway, in my projected version of this dream the circular pool
is a mandala. The circle of a mandala is said to be a guide for
meditation, to direct one's attention to this symbol of perfection.
The two figures in ancient dress are spirits bringing ancient wisdom
to my attention. It seems like a catheter is being used on the man?
Catheters are used to empty the bladder when medical intervention is
needed. The male is giving something to the female that will unify
them and make them more congruent. The dreamer is supplying a modern
form of technology to make this happen. This seems quite positive to

Emily said...

Rdec's comment about peeing reminds me of Jane Teresa Anderson's notion that peeing is a need for self-expression, and that in waking life a dreamer more than likely didn't make or get enough time for self-expression if he/she has a peeing dream. In other words, too many other distractions got in the way of spending time with being creative. As the masculine is the "achiever" and "doer" in waking life, he's doing the best he can to give his creative energy to the feminine! Also, please don't drink urine - it's not at all good for you :)

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