Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Through the Looking Glass

The Dream: I'm in my apartment in NYC. I have plants growing in many of the windows that go around the corner of the large kitchen. I am pulling the window shades down to the tops of the plants and hoping that they will fill the gap between the shades and the window sill enough to provide the necessary privacy. Someone says they won't. I try to figure out whether or not others can see in and how to protect myself from their prying eyes while still doing what I want to do—that is, leaving the shades above the plants.

Interpretation: The dream was triggered by a suggestion that I bring some of my paintings to a meeting. Showing work represents both a kind of growth and a kind of exposure. The dream shows me that my desire to grow, to do what I want to do (represented by the plants), is coming up against my discomfort at feeling exposed. What is the right mix of privacy and exposure?

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