Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who Has Come Back?

The Dream: I am in a bedroom. I look into a mirror and see a smudge of a little girl I thought had gone. I turn to the left and, standing next to the bed I see the girl, very pretty with blond curls, smiling at me. “Katie!” I say, astonished. I feel both surprised and scared, as if seeing someone who had returned from the dead.

I had been looking back over past “baby” dreams from a year ago. What does this small, childish, nearly gone, hard to see (smudge in the mirror) part of myself represent? The curls remind me of age 7, a time when I was out-spoken, before self-control--or repression, or conformity--took over. I see her in the mirror (she mirrors me; she is me). Am I still afraid of her uncensored reaction to life? Even if I am, I'm glad she isn't dead.


Emily said...

Hi Carla, Thanks again for continuing to post your dreams! In this dream, I am wondering where the name "Katie" comes from. Is it a name you recognize or a made-up dream version? Katie is such an unusual name to me. I love that the smudge hasn't disappeared. There seems to always be that core personality of ourselves that won't disappear on us, and that dreams can remind us that it is there waiting to be rediscovered!

Carla Young said...

Hi Emily, Thanks for being a loyal reader and for your always perceptive comments! I have two associations with the name Katie. First, Katie was the name of a child I knew whose brother had died at an early age. The other thing that came to mind was the expression "on the Q.T.", meaning to keep something quiet, or under wraps. Both these ideas--a dead child and a hidden part of myself--seem to play a part in this very brief dream of rediscovery.

Emily said...

Yes, your associations to Katie do support on another level the meaning you attribute to this dream. And, I just looked up the meaning for the name "Katie" and it means "pure, blessed, holy". I consider that the same place where our dreams come from - that core being/place inside of us. The "Katie part of me" that is hidden inside of us. Forever alive, although at times can be stamped upon, but hopefully never stamped out. Thanks again!

Carla Young said...

Emily, That's a very beautiful spiritual interpretation--thank you.

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