Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother Has Departed

The Dream:
I am teaching an art class. I've forgotten my lesson plan and need to go home to get it. I give the students some warm up exercises, mostly to keep them busy while I'm gone, but as I demonstrate I think, “That's a good idea.” I'm surprised at myself, and pleased, that I handled this situation so well; in other words, my missing plan didn't throw me.

When I return the class has changed from an art class to a dream class. I lecture on dreams, telling the group to beware of charlatans who claim to tell them what their dreams mean. I am challenged by someone in the class: “You interpret your dreams on a blog; but dreams can have more than one interpretation.” I agree, saying, “I never meant to imply that dreams have only one meaning.” A dream presents itself to me, as only a title: Mother Has Departed.

Interpretation: Do I dare to attempt an interpretation after this? I'll soldier on . . . . I have a new sense of competency. I can survive the challenge represented by being imperfectly prepared. I teach, but I also learn. The world of art and dreams overlap. My inner scolding mother has departed, and I find I can carry on very well in her absence.


Emily said...

Hi Carla, Some thoughts on this dream! Going home, to me, means going home to my Self (my inner home). I would not have had this opportunity had I not left my lesson plan home. But because I did, I reached deep into myself for my spontaneous lesson plan. The dream polarities, for me, are between using a set, written, lesson plan verses a spontaneous insight arising from my inner being. Not only do I like this idea, but I am pleased that it worked so well! Again, there's a spontaneous change in the class - from lecturing on art to lecturing on dreams. I'm wondering if there's a parallel to waking life to having art in my life before paying attention to my dreams. Perhaps I am dropping the ways of my mother - not working according to her plan (for my life or for her life). I can depend on myself to conduct my life and teach others about both art and dreams. Thanks for the dream! PS I'm curious if it was a male or female student who challenged dream ego. Is this coming from my doer or my nurturing side?

Carla Young said...

Hi Emily,
Good insight about spontaneity--I can see that I often use over-preparation as a kind of protection, and having a spontaneous action succeed represents a significant psychic milestone. To answer your question, I think the challenging student may have been male. What significance would you give that?

Emily said...

To me, the "male" side is the thinker, logical, non-spontaneous side of ourselves. He seems to be expanding his understanding to more than just seeing one side of things. Getting out of the linear and moving into complexity. Hope this helps!

Carla Young said...

Yes, thanks, Emily!

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