Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moving Past Judgment

The Dream: I'm packing items as if for a move. Nearby is a judge's high desk; seated behind it is an attractive robed black woman, the Judge. She asks me if I am ready for the earthquake. I say I am, and that I can vouch for the packed items being properly prepared. I am surprised at my confidence. She is personable and friendly, yet I realize that despite this I must honor her position, so I tack on “your honor” at the end of my statement.

I tell her that Clark and I have a plane to catch. She asks me when I need to be at the airport and I say 1:00 pm, but then I realize that's when the plane is leaving, and I should leave earlier. She tells me it's 11:00 am now; I begin to feel panicky.

Interpretation: Many of the images in this dream suggest that a profound change in the psyche is working its way up to consciousness. I've prepared for a move. (I've packed properly.) The judge is black, a color denoting mystery and the workings of the unconscious. She's clearly admirable and respected--a guide. While her opinion is not to be taken lightly, she is helpful rather than critical, and I am allowed to feel confident.

She signals that big changes are in the works by asking me if I am ready for the earthquake (an earth-shattering event). When I say I am, and let her know I'm ready to make my move (catch the plane), she lets me know it's later than I think. At this point I lose my confidence. I'm not as ready for change as I had hoped.

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