Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't Mask the Maroon

The Dream: A dream of abstract images. One is of a sequined, sparkling 3D mask in shiny maroon. The other translated a painting I am working on into abstract shapes.

Interpretation: This dream invites me to stay in touch with the earthiness of the feminine. My mask is maroon, the reddish brown color of menstrual blood yet sparkling, a hint that what women used to call “the curse” has its own inner energy. The painting that is abstracted is of Pomona, the goddess of fruit (fruitfulness, reproduction). In the dream I see these images as marvelous, a heads-up from the unconscious that my earthly, physical self is a wonderful thing. If I want to be complete (in 3D, fully dimensional) I need to live in all parts of myself, not only the spiritual and the intellectual.

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