Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Goldilocks Dilemma

The Dream: Clark and I are looking at a house. I'm confused about the price: at first it seems a good buy, then later I realize it's not quite affordable. The kitchen has a lowered cooking and prepping area; I surmise this is for a wheel-chair user, and I think this might be why the place hasn't sold. I wonder if I could use it with a wheeled office chair, and if it might actually be nice to be able to sit down while I cook. A young boy with a very small body and a very large head comes in. I figure out that the low cooking station is for him. Then I notice another stove—but it's too high: I wouldn't be able to reach it. Finally I see a normal height gas range with about 6 burners. This kitchen can accommodate every size cook. I am relieved.

Interpretation: I am looking for a new way of being: the new home I'm searching for is a metaphor for my need to transform (move) my inner life. At first I think it will be easy for me (a good buy), but then doubt sets in: perhaps this change is too difficult, will cost me too much (it's not affordable). Kitchens in dreams represent areas where transformation takes place, and this particular kitchen presents me with choices similar to those faced by Goldilocks: one area is too low; another too high; finally I see one that is just right. Although my initial reaction was to try to accommodate myself to an area created for a much smaller person, a better choice is there, waiting for me. Why am I relieved that the kitchen can accommodate every size cook? Because the best part of the dream's message is that what's most comfortable for me doesn't require other parts of myself, the parts that feel too big or too little, to have no role in creating the total person.We can all cook together and, unlike Goldilocks, I won't have to run away.

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Emily said...

The boy with the big head gets my attention. It immediately tells me, in my dream, that my intellect is taking over the rest of my being. And/or that my head is getting too big in some area of my waking life, and the rest of my being (the Feminine/emotions, etc) are taking a minimal role in my life at this time (the rest of the body representing the Feminine). He's the only character that does have a place in this kitchen, but a low one. Perhaps I need to lower my expectations. For then the dream shows me a high stove, which could represent high expectations. Then I love that the dream shows me the right sized stove. And 6 is a great number according to Tony Crisp - it's symmetrical, balancing the invisible and visible, the spirit and body, etc. Sort of what my dream stoves are showing me - the Middle Way. Where am I on top of the heap, and where am I on the bottom of the heap? How can I balance the large head on the little body? These are questions that come to mind for me. Great dream!

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