Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pomona is Stepped On

The Dream: Someone has changed Pomona, one of my paintings that depicts the goddess of the fruits of the orchard. Five different shoes have been superimposed in the area between her navel and her breasts in a circular, asymmetrical arrangement. Pomona herself has been “pushed back;” blurred until she's a ghost of her former self, and I almost can't make out who she is. In fact, she takes on the name of another goddess from a different painting: Taera, who represents the earth.

We can't see the goddess clearly, but we do clearly see the shoes! I begin to like this alternative rendition of the painting; I think it's more contemporary and mysterious.

Clark and I go down a very steep sand dune to to the sea, and I'm not sure I'll be able  to climb back up. Clark tells me this is the “easy” way. On an adjoining sand dune I see a large menagerie of animals: emu, wolf, raccoon, and many others, charging up the hill. Nature has been restored, and I feel that the animals will not threaten us if they are given their own space.

Interpretation: Pomona is the goddess who represents nature's bounty, and Taera represents the earth. Both the earth and its bounty have been stepped on and obscured by our consumerist culture. I am so used to this that I can no longer see the goddesses who represent our crucial relationship with the environment. I have come to like and accept things the way they are.

I get to the sea (the unconscious) where I see things as they should be. The animals have an uphill battle, but they prevail and nature is restored. The dream tells me that it is important to honor the processes of the planet and get our priorities in order. Only then can we live in harmony with nature (the animals).


Emily said...

I immediately focus on the number 5. I'm trying to understand the archetypal nature of numbers, and 5 has a lot of significant meaning. One symbol book writes that the number 5 is the marriage of Heaven and Earth, 2 being Heaven and 3 being Earth. It is also a centering element, being in the middle of the first 9 digits. Five is a pentagon shape, which is found a lot in nature. 5 can also represent the 5 senses of man. And man has 5 appendages: 2 arms, 2 legs, and his head. (the Vitruvian Man). And of course the 5 pairs of high heels representing the Feminine. And then, of course, was the Goddess Venus, by the sea….Thanks for posting a fantastic dream!

Carla Young said...

Thanks, Emily, for a fantastic comment!

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