Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Repetitive Pattern

The Dream: I am working on a sweater, a complicated design with a scalloped border. One of the scallops doesn't match the others. This anomalous scallop really bothers me; it's ruining the perfection of the garment. I look for an artist I know to tell me what to do about it.
Interpretation: What is my bothersome repetitive pattern than isn't working out?


Emily said...

In my dream, the first way I look at this bothersome pattern is that it is suggesting a path of individuation - be different from the rest of the collective. On another level, it helps me if I think that the dream ego may not be looking at something the right way in a dream, so I the question that arises for me is how else could I perceive this issue of an anomalous scallop? Dream ego is caught up in the fact that this one design isn't perfect, yet she doesn't look at the overall perfectionism represented by the corrected designed scallops. One issue I would like to think about is if or how perfectionism is being played out in my waking life and creating problems for me in the many ways perfectionism does. As this is a "scalloped border" the question arises as to what is this the border of or to? Since the article I am working on is a sweater, perhaps it has something to do with the heart chakra. Another great dream and drawing!

Carla Young said...

And another great comment, Emily. Thank you. Your pointing out that the anomaly occurs in a "border" is certainly food for thought. What is being circumscribed? The border, something that surrounds and contains, suggests that the "odd" scallop might in fact be suggesting that I break away from my established and limiting--not to mention tiresome-- tendency toward perfectionism.

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