Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's Just Not "Me"

The Dream: My friend Joyce has mailed me a box full of things she has cleared out and no longer wants. I go through it and show a man's sweater to Clark. It's a nice sweater, but not at all his style. He doesn't want it, and I find I'm annoyed at Joyce for giving this stuff to me.

Interpretation: This goes back to a very old feeling. My dear mother didn't understand that she and I were two different people. She gave me lovely things that she would have been thrilled to get, especially as the poor child she had been. As an adolescent, I resented being given these things that I didn't want, that weren't “me,” and that, nevertheless, I was obliged to feel grateful for. I felt guilty about my inner resentment, and perhaps the dream has come to allow me to feel it without judgment.


  1. Thanks for the Sunday dream post! Some thoughts come to mind. Perhaps there are some characteristics about my friend Joyce that I am struggling with in my inner or outer life? Bob Haden and others suggest listing 3 adjectives to describe the person/s in your dream. Jane Teresa Anderson would then have you list the opposites of these characteristics, and this would be the tension in the dream represented through this person. Or, I like to look at it as an emotional struggle to resolve at the moment. I would ask myself if there were some tension going on in my life where I am obligated to feel grateful when I'm really not. Or is there a situation in which I cannot assert my true Self? I am also reminded of Pandora's box - what surprises will come out of the box? Of course, only the dreamer knows for sure what the dream means. Thanks for another great dream and post!

  2. Thanks, Emily, for this great advice--helpful not only to me, but because it puts forth a method that others can use when trying to figure out their dreams.