Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mother is Tired

The Dream:
I'm in a house like the one I grew up in. My mother is there, as are a lot of family members. There's lots of chaos and activity. Mother and I are happy to be with everyone, but also tired from the strain of entertaining. Trying to keep the house in order with so many people carelessly putting their stuff everywhere has worn us out. When everyone leaves mother and I chat about not wanting to be the mother anymore. We're tired. There's too much to clean up after the party.

Interpretation: The dream was probably triggered by my anxiety over a large home improvement project and my desperate attempt to keep the house and garden in order during the process. I'm not happy with being “mother.” The dream points out that we, my introjected mother and I, see our role mostly in terms of the onerous responsibility to clean up after others. “Mother” generally refers to the entire feminine role of nurturing as well as house keeping, but our fatigue is specifically caused by the chore aspect of the role. The party is fun; the people are loved and respected; it's the dull cleaning up and trying to keep the space under control that's the problem. The dream is telling me to pay more attention to the people and the party and less to keeping order.


Emily said...

I can' t help but seem to recall dreamer has had several dreams addressing this theme of cleaning up after guests. One sentence affects me: "trying to keep the space under control that's the problem". It reminds me of my studio - I am constantly doing more than one project at a time, and my studio is small and difficult to keep organized. It's much easier for me to work when things are in order, but I am the type of person who forgets to clean up after myself! There seems to be a missing element in the dream, and that is asking for help. Perhaps I take on too much responsibility and don't ask for others to chip in. It's poignant to me that the illustration is so balanced and harmonious and structured. Dream life may be chaotic, but waking life seems to be ordered. Maybe I need to let loose, have fun, and hire a cleaning lady!

Carla Young said...

Oh I sure do like that suggestion about hiring a cleaning lady ---

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