Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do You Say “No” to Yourself?

The Dream:
I am telling Clark about Bill Cunningham, the New York Times fashion photographer who has been photographing the Paris fashion shows since 1957. This inspires me to create some fashion designs, and I say to my mother, “I'm going to put a group of 12 designs together and send them to someone.” I have the idea that this might get me some clients. Mother says, “Oh, no one would take them.” I respond, “We can't say 'no' to ourselves before someone else does. Don't you see how that limits us?”

Interpretation: This transparent dream reflects my shaky self-esteem, but also shows that I'm fighting back against it. It was probably triggered by an invitation to submit some work to a competition. I've sent them submissions for several years and have never been accepted. (In the end I did submit something, and my piece was included in their publication.)


Tersia said...

Dreams are our best friends. We are the authors of our dreams. The emergence of our deepest being. Dream, wonder, feel and listen to wisdom seldom expressed by others.

Carla Young said...

Very true, Tersia. Paying attention to dreams is one of the best ways to discover who we are and what we care about.

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