Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Party for Emily

Sometimes dream events seems downright mysterious. A friend and I appeared to communicate through our dreams the night after I posted The Unmade Bed . Each of us “sees” a part of the other's psyche in a surprising way.
The Dream: I am at Emily's house. A group of her friends are preparing a party for her, scurrying around. Emily suggests to me that we go outside. When we were inside the house it was raining, but we know that when we go outside the sun will shine.

While I am glad to have an excuse to get out of helping with the party prep, at the same time I feel guilty about leaving the work to others. I look over at the rest of the group, and I can sense that they want me to take Emily outside so they can surprise her. This is a relief. I get to do what I want to do with no discomfort.

As we start to head outside, Emily offers me slippers. She puts a couple of pairs before me so I can choose. One pair is much too big, and other is only slightly too big.

Interpretation: Emily has been a frequent contributor to this blog; over the years she has shared many valuable insights about dreams via the comment section. The interesting thing here is that just as I was dreaming that Emily was so loved that a group was preparing a surprise party for her, she was dreaming about feeling alone and unloved. At the same time Emily's comments took The Unmade Bed in a spiritual direction, an interpretation I had not thought of.  In today's dream, which I had before I read her comments, together we walk out into the light (the spiritual realm or consciousness) after a stint of being in the unconscious (the dream world, symbolized by the rain).

Emily gives me the shoes I need for my spiritual journey (the slippers) even if it's clear I still need to grow into them. And my dream helps her to realize that she is surrounded by love in the here and now.

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Emily said...

Hi Carla, I appreciate the dream in all its entirety! Rereading our former posts brought back a lot of emotions! Instead of saying more on this dream (I think we covered it pretty well in the other section) what comes to mind is how dreams can be for others - as you outlined here. I once knew a couple in which on spouse dreamt part of a dream, and the other spouse finished it. I heard of an example where an inmate dreamt of a wedding, and another inmate in the group exclaimed "That was my wedding you dreamt about!". I had an old dream journal in which one entry said "Dream continued from last night." So, our dreams certainly do tap into the unseen realm, offering support between family and friends, building stronger relationships, and giving support to others as needed. Health and wholeness. How often have we heard those words and the more deeply I get involved in dreams, the deeper my understanding! I think it's time we tried dream telepathy, or dreaming for someone who needs some help....Take care!

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