Friday, March 12, 2010

The Snow Will Melt

Have you ever been mad but didn’t even know it? Sometimes the way color is used in a dream is a clue to the dream’s meaning.

The Dream: My husband Clark and I are on a journey. The scenery is spectacular: snow-covered mountains loom around us. I think we should enjoy seeing them before the snow melts. We are on a two-lane highway and go up a mud-track, to a level plateau. It seems quite dull compared to the other scenery: flat and treeless, covered in grass. I mention to Clark that this could not be the same road we were on. I point to the actual highway which we can glimpse in the distance. As we return to it, crossing back over the plateau, we notice that a developer’s signs are posted. This seems a barren and unpromising place for development, and we are glad to leave.

Interpretation: At this point in the psychic journey I see that the unconscious, represented by the white snow, is not offering up much information (it’s frozen). Yet it is changing (the snow will soon melt). This activation of previously unconscious material so alarms the ego that we immediately veer off the two-lane highway (representing the back and forth communication of the conscious and the unconscious) and get stuck in the mud, so to speak. The red color of the clay represents anger; the clay, a substance that is sticky. I’m in a sticky situation that makes me angry! I’ve attempted to cover up the red clay with its complementary color, the green of the grass. This cover up creates a plateau, flat like the affect of someone who is holding in her true emotions. It might not look attractive at the moment, but the dream tells me that some development will take place.

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