Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What are the Issues?

While dreams often take their cue from the things around us—TV shows, politics, what we’re working on—often the dream’s message can only be unraveled by looking underneath the apparent activity.

The Dream: I ask Heidi, “Are you going to vote for McIrney [sic]?” I have a hard time getting his name right. Heidi doesn’t know who he is, and I explain that he is running against Pombo. She doesn’t know who Pombo is either. I explain that Pombo is anti-environment, and I try to make the case for voting for McIrney; I want to get the overly pro-business Pombo out of office. I am surprised that Heidi knows so little about the candidates; I expected her to be more sophisticated.

Interpretation: Names are important here; the dream emphasizes this several times. First there is the misspelled McIrney (Mc Earn E) and then there is Heidi (Hide E). Am I hiding from my own discomfort at not earning any money (a constant struggle in the arts)? The dream ego doesn’t like the pro-business candidate, and Hide E doesn’t understand the issues. Oh dear.


Chris Wayan said...

The picture is a scream. One of your best so far--lush, serene, holy and sexy... except for that little argument. Love it.
I too inherited plutophobia from my leftist parents: fat cats are corrupt, so poverty's a moral obligation! Many of my dreams point out ways I keep myself financially lean--not starving, always with just enough tools for my art, but never any excess. Prosperity'd be Pomboism!
I find the puns amusing. But I suspect this dream's more surface than symbolic--plain political disgust. Pombo was corrupt, it took a huge effort to oust him, and now he's rising from the dead... Heidi may be sticking her head in the sand, but it's understandable: I too just wish you could stake these vampires once and bury 'em. Nope. Out of the grave...

Carla Young said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for your interesting take on the dream. Political disgust it is, now that you mention it.

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