Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Water or wine?

According to Jung, the goal of our nightly dream journey is to bring to consciousness as much of our potential totality as we can. And what, you are probably asking, is this potential totality? According to Jung it’s:
  • the conscious (what you are thinking about);
  • the subconscious (the name of your 4th grade teacher: you could think of it if you tried);
  • the personal unconscious (personal memories we’re unaware of); 
  • and the collective unconscious (species memories; symbols we respond to that are buried in our ancestral history).
Jung calls the process of increasing our awareness and integrating the often opposed internal factions individuation, and the expanded psyche he terms the self. As you go on this journey you will become aware of your own disparate elements, and occasionally you might notice some push back from them, as illustrated in this dream.

The Dream: On a sightseeing tour with a group, we stop to eat in a restaurant. I am concerned that Clark and I will have to pick up the tab for the entire group and they will eat too much. The food is not very expensive, but the drinks are. I wish I had ordered only water, but then, as the hostess, would I appear niggardly? I think of a solution that might have worked: I could have ordered the water after everyone had put in their order. Then the others would not feel constrained by my example.

When we return to the limousine the keys are in the ignition. Clark is the driver, but he is not here. I sit in the front passenger seat and worry that anyone could hop into the vehicle and make off with it.

Interpretation: The ego needs a rest (rest-aurant) from this psychic activity. It fears paying the price for all this activation and isn’t comfortable ceding power to the other components of the psyche. The ego discovers that its sustenance (food) is not so expensive: I can give them this much. But keeping them numb (the effect of alcohol, i.e. drink) is expensive. I wish I had stayed unconscious (ordered water). I decide to let them have what they want as long as I can remain unconscious. This results in no more movement, as the initial stop (at the restaurant) predicted.  My driver does not reappear. But on the positive side: the keys are in the ignition, and we’re ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this dream journal online, Carla. The images are beautiful and vital. (I am especially attracted to the owl, would like to spend some time with it.) Your dreams and interpretations are helpful and inspirational as well as the occasional instructions. I plan to do some dream work myself thanks to your guidance.

Happy Dreaming! Ruth

Carla Young said...

Thank you, Ruth! I hope you'll share some of your dreams and insight with us here on the Daily Dreamer.

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