Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Magic Bike

The Dream:
I’m riding a bicycle on a busy city street. It’s not exactly under my control, and I am uneasy. I’m pedaling on the sidewalk, crowded with people. I worry about slamming into a curb when in a crosswalk, but the bike magically jumps the curb. I’m worried about hitting people, but that doesn’t happen either. Each half of the odd-looking handle bars can move independently of the other. The brakes are in the pedals, but they don’t work; when I try to use them they only spin around.

I’m moving under my own steam (on a bicycle), yet getting from here to there is making me anxious. I’m not in the right place: I’m on the sidewalk rather than in the street. And let’s look at the word “sidewalk:” Am I side-stepping something? When I come to a possible turning point (the crosswalk) I worry about meeting an obstacle (slamming into a curb). As I surmount this difficulty (the bike magically jumps the curb), I have a new worry: I might hurt someone (hit people). I successfully navigate that obstacle, when I’m faced with two new problems. First, my handle bars move independently of each other; this unusual steering device tells me that I’m trying to go in two directions at once. And second, I’d better slow down, because my brakes don’t work.


Anonymous said...

I had a dream about driving a "ghost car", one I owned many years ago. The odd part is the car's like new, but as I approach an intersection the brake pedal goes to the floor and I'm worried about having a wreck.

Carla Young said...

If this were my dream, I'd look at the couple of days previous to the dream and try to figure out if I am at some sort of crossroads in my life, one that's left me feeling as if I might be headed for trouble. Since the car I'm driving is "like new" and yet from the past, I'd ask myself if the current situation I'm facing is in some way similar to something that happened long ago.

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