Friday, November 19, 2010

Up in the Air

This dream tells me that I’m in an uncomfortable situation, even though my inner goody-two-shoes tries to deny it.

The Dream: I’m in an airplane with Colleen. She has made the arrangements. The plane has odd windows: no glass, but very small open slats. Nor does it have seats. I complain about all this until Colleen gets fed up and moves to another part of the aircraft.

 I manage to get a seat at last: it's a rust-colored leather office chair. I think some other kind would be more comfortable for the flight, so I join others in the front of the cabin where the flight crew is selling better seats.

Interpretation: My friend Colleen represents what Jung calls the collective conscious, or the part of us governed by the rules and mores of society. Colleen goes to church, volunteers, works hard: in short, she behaves. The dream is telling me that she is the part of me that is in charge of what’s currently going on in my life. (She has made the arrangements.) And I don’t like it. The windows of the place where she has put me resemble the bars of a prison, and there is nowhere to sit (rest).

To make matters worse, my inner Colleen demands a cheerful acquiescence to these unpleasant circumstances—no complaints! After all, we’re on a higher (air) plane here.

The less well behaved part of me is thoroughly frustrated. When I finally do get a seat it’s not a place to rest, but rather a place to work (it’s an office chair). But the situation isn’t helpless; the crew is selling seats, and I’m on my way to try to get a more comfortable one.


Anonymous said...

Dream symbolism is fascinating! I've had recurring dreams of working at the job where I had retired. I positively despised the place.
What does this mean? Thanks in advance for your insights.

Carla Young said...

Hi Arcadian, In my dream group we address each other's dreams as if they were our own because we recognize that whatever we say is a projection from our own life experience which may or may not be valid for the dreamer. In that spirit, I'll talk about your dream.

In my dream I revisit the place where I once worked, even though I hated the place in waking life. When I retired I thought I was finished with it, but my unconscious is trying to tell me that I'm not. It's telling me there is something I need to "work" on. In order to figure out what my unconscious is trying to resolve, I need to look closely at what is happening in these recurring dreams. I need some more details so I can unravel the issue. For example, do I remember a person, a color, an action, a particular setting? Any of these might give me some clues.

So, Arcadian, I suggest you try this: As you are drifting off to sleep try talking to your dream generator. Thank it for letting you know there's something that would be helpful for you to work on, and ask it to give you some additional information so you can figure out what it is.

And if you decide to give this a try, let me know if it works for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, I am composing an email to you about other dreams that require more space for text.
Thank you so much for your graciousness.

Yes, there is something striking about these dreams, yes dreams. First you must know my job was very stressful, being an industrial tech and having to restore some production equipment which meant thousands lost during down time. In my dreams I encounter almost impossible problems hindering me from restoring whichever equipment fails. If the issue is vexing enough I usually wake up before I can resolve it.
BTW, I will heed your advice. I am already into meditation and "self talk".

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