Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Wig for Yoga

The Dream:
Several women, including me, are waiting for a yoga teacher. She’s unreliable and on several occasions in the recent past has been a no show. I don’t think she’s coming: but finally she does.

There are two wigs available for class participants to wear. Wigs, it seems, are part of a proper yoga costume. I want to wear one. As I head for the clothesline where one is hanging someone beats me to it. I could have sped up, cut her off, and taken the prize, but I think that would be rude so I don’t. There’s still the other wig, and it’s considered “fair” to remove it from another’s head and claim it. But this one is being worn by a perfectly bald woman who recently underwent chemo—so I feel this would not be the right thing to do. The upshot? No wig for me.

Interpretation: I am waiting for a spiritual advisor (yoga teacher) even though I have reason to believe she is unreliable. Hair, coming out of our heads as it does, can represent our thoughts. In this dream I spend a certain amount of energy running after ideas which are clearly not right for me (the false hair). The dream tells me not to rely on others to teach me the meaning of life, but to look to my own inner voice for spiritual guidance.


Robur d'Amour said...

"Several women, including me, are waiting for a yoga teacher"

Yes, they are.

Another blog ( has just posted a similar question. Your 'interpretation' could well be the answer to the question posed by the other lady.

Long hair also came up a couple of times in a post I did last week: the long hair of Rapunzel, and also of the Lady of Shalott. My view was that long hair was about weaving a vision, and also had allusions to the golden thread of Ariadne, something that guides a person through a labyrinth.

I'd never thought about wigs.

Carla Young said...

Robur: The "hair" motif seems to be coming to the fore. In addition to the wig dream I posted and the ones you've just mentioned, I've had two others that I'll be posting over the next couple of days. Now that I think of it, there was a famous play called "Hair" celebrating the Age of Aquarius. Wouldn't it be nice if these dreams were foreshadowing a new era of peace and reconciliation?

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