Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guest Dreamer: My New Life

Today’s guest dream leads the dreamer toward a glowing transformation. 
The Dream: I dreamed I was present at the birth of another woman's baby.  It was very large for a newborn, plump and mature looking.  The baby was big enough to weigh about 20 pounds but it was not at all heavy to hold. I held the baby close to my breast immediately; it wanted to nurse but of course I couldn't comply.  I covered both of us up with a sheer yellow fabric.  The baby sat quietly in my lap and we both looked toward the light that surrounded us. It didn't matter that we could not see beyond the fabric. Inside our glowing yellow light-weight tent, we were safe and warm without distractions.  We were both pacified.  

Carla’s interpretation: In my version of your dream, I am experiencing the emergence of a new sense of who I am and what I do. That I refer to the baby as an “it” rather than a “her” or “him” tells me that the baby represents an abstract quality: some important aspect of myself is being born. This new me is not yet integrated into the self I know, so I see the person who is giving birth as another woman. My creativity is channeled through this newly emerging self (the woman's new baby). The baby looks good to me (good-sized, plump, and mature looking) and I want to nourish it. Although I take it to heart (my breast), I am not quite ready to feed this new self. I need to acknowledge that its mother and I are one and the same. I find a safe and beautiful place, the color of life and enlightenment (yellow, sunlight) for me and the new baby to be together while I wait until I can recognize that what seems like someone else (the mother of my most precious creative force) is me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Carla, for interpreting my dream. And the image you created for it is beautiful! The dream confirmed that I was near ready to take positive and creative actions for a new life. You have articulated it perfectly. I am happy to tell you that in several ways the new life has already begun.
Thank you for this incredible blog!
Guest dreamer

Carla Young said...

Thank you for sharing this very lovely dream. I think it's interesting to realize that dreams are not always negative, but often show us a beautiful vision of our own personal way forward.

Elizabeth said...

Splendid dream, splendid interpretation. The image is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

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