Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Dreamer: Purification

Do you need a washing machine to take you through the complete cycle from contamination to purification? The homey images in this guest dream reveal a powerful transformation in progress.

The Dream: I am in my house, upstairs. There are guests in the house. I walk into the guest bathroom and decide to flush the toilet. When I do, watery shit bubbles out of the drain and rises to the top. It starts to overflow. I panic. The flowing stops before flooding the bathroom, but I run out of there to find a plunger so I can correct the problem. I look for the plunger downstairs in the laundry room.  A woman, my house guest, is sprawled sideways on top of the washing machine. She is clothed--at least I see she is wearing slacks, shoes and socks. The lid of the washer is up and her rear end is inside the barrel. She looks like she is just hanging out there, relaxed, with her arm over the lid.  

Carla’s interpretation: In my version of the guest dreamer’s dream, my mind (upstairs symbolizes the head) is engaged with some issues that feel alien to me (they are guests in my house rather than residents). There’s a lot of difficulty (shit) associated with these issues; repressing them has been draining me but now they are coming up with such force that they’ve risen to the top of my consciousness. In fact, they are so powerful they overflow and I panic. I run to find the device (the plunger) that can correct the problem. My unconscious is hinting here that the solution will be plunging into the difficulty rather than trying to avoid it. And, in fact, once I get to the place where I expect to find the plunger, I am in a place of purification, the laundry room. The lid is off, and I see that the problem is being addressed at its source: the rear end of my troublesome “guest.” We can guess that she is the one responsible for the excess shit in the guest bathroom. Having expelled the mess that was inside her, she is now relaxed while the washing machine completes the purge.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carla, for posting my dream and your interpretation. I believe the dream says what you say it does. I am in the midst of dealing with issues that cause me stress. The good news is I am understanding those issues more clearly and finding healthy ways to deal with them. The dream is a bold message to myself. It validates my process and progress. I am getting rid of the shit--cleaning out and cleaning up.

Anonymous said...

In my dream I’m thinking [upstairs=ratio] about the guest thoughts I let in. I decide to get rid of them [flush the toilet]. Once I do this, the thoughts overflow/overwhelm me and I panic. Although they don’t incapacitate [flooding] me, I’m looking for a tool [plunger] to deal with the problem. I expect to find the tool in my gut area [downstairs - laundry room]. I see my anima [woman guest] nonchalantly sprawled sideways, her rear end symbolically in an empty, dry barrel of a purging-tool [washing machine] showing me that there is no need to expose [clothed] myself. Just hanging out there, let the waste/problems glide along my rear end, and being relaxed might actually be the tool that is right for me.

Regards, Octavia

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