Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Having Second Thoughts

The Dream: I’m in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where old things are displayed for sale on top of glass jewelers’ display cases. I see many intricate old things. One section has several ivory-carved bracelets, very elaborate. I remember the one I have that was my mother’s. I think it is probably more valuable than I had realized.

In another section of the museum I see a large scientific-looking magnifying glass. It was once part of some sort of technical equipment: it’s rectangular and has a few peripheral gadgets, but overall it’s simple. It occurs to me that it would be a perfect gift for Clark, who has been looking for a high-quality magnifying glass. I plan to purchase it for him, but am concerned it might be too large to be useful.

Interpretation: With the dream work I’ve been doing I’ve been looking at old things (past events, people, relationships, and so on). These things, long gone but very alive in my psyche, are more intricate and valuable than I have consciously realized. Is it a good idea to examine these things so closely? Perhaps magnifying them too much is not useful, especially for the part of me that Clark represents—the practical man of action.


  1. The dualities of both the intangible and practical elements in the dream are fascinating. Your interpretation is so insightful.

  2. I thought I had posted a comment about these last three dreams which are examining "riches". In the first of this series, the overall question is posed. The next two dreams are posing answers which are given in symbolic form - first the square (rectangle) of the bank's building and its inner resources (a bank holds money = energies) and this is followed by the circle, another symbol of wholeness. This last dream also has a rectangular object (magnifying glass) which, in my dream, has led to this rich discovery and acknowledgment of my inner riches. Emily

  3. Emily, might your other comment be under the post called My Niche?