Sunday, April 29, 2012

Which Hat to Wear?

Dreams are a good place to discover all the different hats you are able to wear.

The Dream: I’m in a fancy hotel with my cousin and others. I notice a square rising above our heads but not as far as the ceiling. On the top of this structure are all sorts of hats on old-fashioned hat stands. I realize that I myself had placed two or three hats on this structure.

A woman who works for the hotel, the person responsible for keeping us customers satisfied, has come into our suite. She asks if there is anything we need. I ask for some sparkling water, or, if that’s not available, still water. She scurries off to get it, and I wonder if I’ve done the wrong thing; we will probably be charged a lot for this water. I feel uncomfortable, but I decide even if we’re seriously over-charged it will be okay.

Interpretation: My life is rich with possibilities (the fancy place where I’m staying). The square shape represents my potential (in Jung’s terms, the Self) and the hats my possible personas (the different roles I might play). That both are over my head implies I’ve not yet attained either; both are beyond me.

The woman who asks what we need is what we call a guide in dream work: someone to assist or point the way. I ask her for water (a symbol of the unconscious), indicating I would like some of the things locked in my unconscious to become conscious. That I specifically ask for sparkling water shows that I expect access to this unconscious material to be enlightening. As soon as I make my request I regret it: I fear the price will be too high. Is life more easily lived in a state of unconsciousness? Do I really want to take that bite of the apple? In the end I decide the price might be high, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay (it will be okay).


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, You have such wonderful interpretations of your dreams I find it difficult to add to them at times! However, I love this dream. One more clue to the meaning of this dream would be the cousin - what are the attributes of the cousin? We list 3 descriptive adjectives for people in our dream group. thus defining 3 aspects of ourselves being represented in the dream. Also, a question that arises for me is "What is the price I am paying by wearing all of these hats?". I actually put 2 of the hats there for storage.
Because the water in the dream is in a bottle and needs to be purchased (as opposed to being represented by a lake or ocean), it represents to me a personal thirst or concern rather than the unconscious. I ask for "still water" - maybe I need to rest, put away 2 of my 3 hats for now. My ego tells me if we're over-charged it'll be ok, but is that really true? What is the price of being overcharged, of expending too much energy on too many things in trying to define my Self? And why a hotel and not a mansion? A hotel is a temporary resting place - which may be what my soul needs at the moment. A fancy rest! Anyway, I unashamedly project on your dream! Emily

Tasha said...

I had a dream about hats Friday or Thursday night! I dreamt that my office had a shelf full of super ridiculous hats and I was really excited to try the various ones on and parade around the office.

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