Sunday, June 23, 2013


Everything we see, read, or think about influences our dreams, sometimes uncovering reactions we weren't aware of.
The Dream: We have ordered food from a “deli” that is supposed to be very good and that we think will impress our visitors from NYC. When we go to pick up the food it's in hat boxes. I find this confusing, and I feel uneasy about what we might be getting. I am also concerned that my NY friends will not approve.

Interpretation: This dream was inspired by a book that I'm reading, Christopher Hitchen's memoir, Hitch-22. Reading about someone at the center of every intellectual and political movement of the last 50 years left me feeling marginalized. He and the people he hangs with represent a world I have no entry to, and I feel diminished. In the dream this exclusive elite is represented by a NY deli. What is the food this fancy deli is giving me? It's presented very elegantly in hat boxes, but I really don't know what's inside or what I've bought. And those I'd like to impress don't approve.

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