Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Stalled

The Dream: Mother and I are in an area of Manhattan that we don't know. We need a toilet, find one, and go in. As I use one of the stalls I realize the one next to me is a shower. I think it's nice, and progressive, that the city provides a place where the indigent can bathe. A woman takes advantage of this, and soon I'm getting sprayed with water coming over the stall divider. This is not pleasant, but I'm temporarily stuck where I am.

When I finish using the toilet I leave the stall in search of my mother. I don't see her, and I wander in circles yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

Interpretation: I'm stuck (in a stall) as I try to release some pent up emotion (relieve myself: go to the toilet). The water that splashes me represents unconscious material coming into consciousness, and while it isn't pleasant, I must endure it. The dream emphasizes the importance of this process by pointing out that the shower is for the indigent (someone in need). The little child within me cries for her mother as I get in touch with the well of grief I feel over her death.


Anonymous said...

My mother and I enter a container and suddenly she is gone. I'm traumatized by earlier abandonment issues and am unable to express them. I feel homeless and bereft. Suddenly tears rain from above I can finally feel the pain of my loss. My mother is gone and my Inner Child, feeling abandoned and homeless, still needs her mother.

Emily said...

Jane Teresa Anderson writes about toilet dreams: "Not having enough privacy, space and time to process and release feelings, thought and beliefs that have been cluttering your mind. Hanging on to toxic or uncomfortable feeling that you don't need in your life anymore". She goes on to say it's also about what you do or don't do with your private time. I think she is right on! Meanwhile, in this dream, release is of two forms: needing to go to the bathroom (and I believe urinate?) and the release of tears of emotion. Perhaps I need more privacy or space to express my grief, allowing it to release. When I had the dream, was it any sort of anniversary in relation to my mother? The mother in the dream itself could be my real mother, or my archetypal mother who is leading me to this place of personal expression. There are many circular items in this dream and drawing - the wandering in circles (Have I been doing that lately?), the toilet, the shower head, the droplets of water, in a way. To me it's a wholesome dream because of this. The setting is "Manhattan" and Tony Crisp says to ask what the function and the purpose of the setting is in a dream. Why here and not CA? It may be worthwhile to have a conversation with the little girl in my dream, or a conversation between her and her mother. I don't get the sense in the dream that when I start out with my mother I am a young child. Thanks for posting this dream!

Carla Young said...

Emily, You're right. I am an adult throughout the dream, even though my behavior is childlike at the end.
Thanks to both you and Anonymous for your thoughts on this dream.

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