Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bald as an Egg

The Dream: I'm attracted to a small, unappealing, no longer young little man. His head is egg-shaped, and he's as bald as an egg. We are close to having sex when I remember that I'm a married woman.

“I've never cheated on my husband,” I say. But at the moment I say it, I'm planning to. Suddenly the mood changes; it's as if this practical consideration has awakened others, and I no longer want to go through with it. He also seems to have lost interest. In fact, he might have lost interest before I did.

Interpretation: In my youth an egg-head was anyone who appeared intelligent. In the dream I'm attracted to the intellect passionately, but it doesn't seem practical, partially due to my age (like the little man, I'm no longer young) and partially due to the fact that intellectual pursuits are innately impractical. In any case, the dream tells me that I see them as inappropriate. By cheating on my husband (animus) I ignore, or attempt to ignore, the practical contingencies of life, but soon discover I'm not really interested in following this path. With this fizzling of passion, the dream points out that I need to ask myself just what it is that I'm "married" to, and whether or not it's time for a new interest.


thedreamingwell said...

Appreciate this dream and the interpretation very much... When I imagine this dream for myself, having recently had a run of sex dreams and also one in particular with the theme of married partners cheating on each other, I'm struck by the metaphor of cheating. To my mind and heart, sex, sexual union, coming together, all have the ring of deep pleasure and even a suggestion of transcendence. So, the implication of the dream for me is a question about my 'union' with and questions about these deeply creative and spiritual-soulful energies. If this were my dream, it's raising questions about "the bald truth" of my depth of desires and poses the question for me about how will I seek to express them - maybe they're not as "little" or "small" as they seem to be, and perhaps the dream is offering me the reflection, ~shining back from the egg-like surface of my thoughts and ideas, that at this time, I might benefit from some sensual delights and engagements. I also 'pop' with recognition that an egg is a new life growing inside a perfectly contained and whole surrounding, and wonder what I could be about to create/give birth to... what new life wants to emerge from the egg that I also am?

openfoot said...

If this were my dream I think I would contemplate the nature of the choice that I seem to be presented with. Is it a case of one or the other or both/and. Assuming both figures represent aspects of my own psyche are they simply different perspectives on, different developments of, my animus. One related to the everyday the other to deeper levels of the mind. What do I ignore by not entering into a relationship with the apparently unappealing "other"? For me the allusions to "egg" certainly hold out the promise of the new, something which is incubating but not yet fully revealed. Although I still seem to be suspicious of this, the fact that the egg forms the head of the "other" might suggest to me that I am bringing contents from the unconscious into greater consciousness.

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