Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jane Teresa Anderson’s Dream Alchemy

Have you ever wondered how you might take a dream forward; in other words, how you might use dream images or symbols to help you reach some of your goals? Jane Teresa Anderson, an Australian dream worker, has developed a technique she calls Dream Alchemy.

Medieval scientists believed they could discover a process that would turn base metal into gold. These scientists were called alchemists, and modern chemistry derives from their work. Carl Jung looked at the metaphorical meaning of their processes and discovered in them a spiritual path toward greater consciousness. Jane Teresa Anderson brings these concepts into the 21st century, giving dreamers a method of transforming the dross of their dreams into personal growth and enlightenment.

I’ll make up a simple example to illustrate how this technique works: Let’s say I have a dream about not having enough food for my guests. My alchemical assignment might be to imagine a laden banquet table with plenty for all. By re-envisioning the situation I change the negative perception underlying the dream (I don’t have enough to give) into a positive (I have lots to offer). Effectively changing my thoughts will change my life. Jane demonstrates this technique and goes into the specifics of applying it in many of her podcasts. Start with Episode 28 found on this page of her podcast list. Here Jane talks about the effect on her life of her own dream alchemy process. For more about the technique listen to Episode 41 with Kitty and Episode 39 with Kate.


Anonymous said...

LOVE JANES Work - she is a true pioneer - her wokr is wonderous - if you havent heard her stuff then I highly recommend you take the time to she's a Legend!!!

Carla Young said...

I also enjoy the fact that she makes dream work fun and accessible to all.

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