Friday, April 16, 2010

Stormy Weather

Have you ever had a dream that feels otherworldly? Jung believed that dreams connect us to this mysterious realm.

The Dream: The weather descends like a spirit: erratic, tumultuous, capricious. There is a lot of rain and I wonder if all the people who have visitors—for it is the Christmas holiday season (even though the dream takes place in the spring)—are feeling the need to apologize and make excuses for the weather. “But isn’t it glorious?” I say.

At times the sky clears, and there is a patch of brilliant blue. At another time there is what looks like the stem of a funnel-shaped cloud, white, moving across the land. I am excited by, and enjoy, the quick changes and dramatic landscape.

Interpretation: This dream feels like a visitation from a divine spirit. The symbolism of the Christmas holiday, with its concept of the divine coming to earth, reinforces the feeling of the dream.


Anonymous said...

What a great dream! The wind as spirit, the outer weather reflecting our inner weather. Rain symbolizing connection between the heavens and earth. Here, to me, dreamer experiences connection and exaltation. Unlike the next dream, in which the path (ladder) gets narrower - more the black tornado rather than the white funnel cloud as in this dream. How our psyches continue to move, to change, to adapt, to cope with our inner and outer states of being.

Carla Young said...

Thank you for that beautiful comment!

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