Thursday, February 18, 2010

Working on Your Dreams: Step 4 - Dream Group

Dream groups are a marvelous way to explore your dreams. If you are new to dream work it would be best to look for a group with some experience. You might find one by taking a class on dream work: many universities offer these in their extension programs, and some community centers and churches do as well. If you would rather start your own group with friends, take a look at the helpful advice offered by these websites:

Jeremy Taylor has devised a “toolkit” for group dream work: Jeremy Taylor's Dreamwork Toolkit

And for more about Jeremy’s approach to dream work: Jeremy Taylor on Starting a Dream Group

For some more information about the do’s and don’ts of group dream work see: Working with Dreams in a Group

Today’s illustration intermingles three dreams from three different people in my own dream group, and I thought it made a nice little comment on the synergy dream groups create.  Bev’s horses, each with one prosthesis, gallop down the stairs of a hotel lobby. The illustration is set on one of the pieces of white paper from Linda’s dream. The aliens from my dream interact with the white stones from Linda’s. The black area above the aliens represents the unknown that each dreamer seems to be rushing toward.

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