Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bodice Ripper Scene 3

We don’t get the answer to any of these questions. Instead, we learn that the Lady works very hard to be modest and proper and that she refers to her husband formally in the 3rd person as “the Viscount” in public, but she is allowed to be more familiar privately. The Lady dresses very simply—plainly, even—in order to emphasize her propriety. She does not adorn herself in any way. Nevertheless, she is so beautiful that the estate workers (farm hands) fight over her. She never looks at them in order not to be seen to encourage such behavior. Meanwhile, it’s not clear whether or not the Viscount is faithful.

Interpretation: Again the Lady’s socially constrained role is emphasized. According to Tony Crisp a fight can symbolize problems with independence or self-confidence. That the Lady never looks at this is probably a strong hint from the dream that I should. A further hiccup to the needed union of the Lady (feminine aspect of my psyche) and the Viscount (masculine aspect): I’m not sure the Viscount can be trusted.

This dream has been interpreted by the well-known dream worker Jane Teresa Anderson in Episode 44 of The Dream Show


Anonymous said...

This may be saying something that's already been stated, but I see the woman as a representation of humility and man as a representation of pride. In this sense, these two polarities in Psyche are revealing and realigning themselves albeit with a lot of psychic help. How can I keep my humility and my pride in a healthy balance and perspective? Both are necessary for emotional well-being and stability.

Carla Young said...

Thank you, that's an interesting slant on the two polarities which are looking for balance in this dream.

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