Friday, February 5, 2010

Celery in the Garden

When you take the wrong path in life, your dreams will let you know.
The Dream: Giant celery stalks are growing around the borders in the garden. I feel dissatisfied with the garden.

Interpretation: My recent foray into a new painting style—with its different aims and sensibilities—has created a situation in which I feel as if I’m trying to please someone other than my own deepest self. I feel as if I have sold out (celery: sell-ery). This feeling is represented by my dissatisfaction with my garden, the symbol of the well-spring of my creativity and the sacred place of my soul.


Anonymous said...

Aha! Celery to me is "Celebrate"! Later I will explain!

Carla Young said...

I think you must have ESP! I never thought about the tie-in between "celery" and "celebrate," but the dream I had the following night (The Beautiful Girl) pointed out to me, as you did, that I just didn't "get it."

Anonymous said...

I had looked up celery a little bit on the web; it's an ancient plant and in some areas is grown for its seeds. So, the "celebration" borders my not-yet-confident (art) garden and the seeds of the plant are surrounding my still delicate ego representing by the dissatisfaction I feel about my new garden overall. Of course I feel dissatisfied; it's all part of the learning process. I love the next dream that comes as well; I need to be in class - in the learning mode and not give up my new way of expressing Self - and if I give it a little time and energy and forgo the self-criticism, the beauty of Soul and Self will be revealed!

Carla Young said...

Thank you for doing that research! And for your insightful comments.

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