Sunday, February 14, 2010

Want to be a Guest Dreamer?

Want to explore one of your dreams? Send a dream for The Daily Dreamer to Carla Young. You might be the next guest dreamer.

If you have an interpretation, include it. If you don’t, I’ll take a crack at it; but please understand I’m an illustrator--not a therapist--and any thoughts I have on your dream are only projections of what your dream would mean to me if I had it. “How could this possibly be helpful to me?” you are no doubt asking yourself. Answer: It might not be. On the other hand, it might suggest a way to look at your dream that you hadn’t thought of. The take-home message: You are the final arbiter of the meaning of your dream.

You can send an illustration, or I’ll make one for your dream. I’ll edit your dream for clarity and readability, but not for content. If you would like to be anonymous include your pseudonym. Submitted dreams will not be returned—keep a copy. I will not use your dream or your artwork for any purpose other than posting on the blog, but understand I can’t control others out there in cyberspace. Not all submitted dreams will be published. Finally, I’m not responsible if you go stark raving mad after reading my “interpretation.” All that said, sweet dreams!

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