Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Struggle with an Angel?

One reason myths have staying power is their ability to encapsulate a universal human experience. This dream shows how these myths can spontaneously appear, and when they do, it means the issue they are highlighting is important.

The Dream: Clark and I are in a romantic mood despite the nearness of the children. Suddenly I am grabbed from behind by a man with wings, and held very tightly—so tightly I can’t breathe. I try to call out, but no sound comes. Final I start screaming, “Clark! Clark!” in hopes he’ll rescue me. I awaken.

Interpretation: As I try to awaken the unconscious and incorporate it into my conscious life I am grabbed from behind by a powerful force. In other words, things I have tried to “put behind me” emerge with great intensity and practically squeeze the life out of me. The dream tells me I need my other half, the part I have repressed into unconsciousness, to solve the problem. This other half is symbolized by husband Clark and our attempt at union when the dream begins, as well as the fact that I call out to him as the dream ends. Ultimately, of course, I need to turn and face the angel / demon.

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