Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Hair is Too Short!

Do dreams always deal with deep issues? Or do many comment on passing worries or anxieties? Maybe they do both at the same time. Jung says that dreams “compensate” our awareness; in other words, they try to enlarge our viewpoint and make us aware of thoughts or feelings we don’t know we have.

The Dream: My hair is cut too short.

Interpretation: I had this dream the night before an appointment for a hair cut, so clearly it reflects my anxiety that my hair will be cut too short. I could leave it at that—but what else might the dream be telling me? Hair can reflect one’s self-image or thoughts. If I’m worried that my hair is being cut too short, might I be concerned about how others perceive me? Or could the dream be telling me I am thoughtless?  When you have a dream that seems simple, play with it: You might learn something.

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